We will help you increase sales by making payments a breeze

Increase GMV

Higher Conversions

1-click checkout => More Impulse Purchases

Higher Transaction Success Rates as No dependency on external systems for payments

Increased Customer Stickiness

Increased customer loyalty due to fast lane checkouts and frictionless payments

Payment aggregation option increases “foot falls” due to buy as you need habit

Higher Spending

Customer Credit has been proven to boost ticket size by 10 - 15%

Increased Frequency of shopping on account of credit

Reduce Risk and
Cost of Payments

No More “Cash” on Delivery - Pay After Delivery incentivizes customers to move away from COD

Zero fraud / pilferage risk

Minimize cash logistics

Reduce Costs

No transaction margin charged on cancellations before delivery or doorstep returns

Significant Cost savings over COD

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