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with UPI

Now transact anytime using your ePayLater UPI handle and enjoy the same 14 day payback time.

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Illustration showing India's first first UPI-based digital credit

Wondering What is New?

Get credit anytime with ePayLater UPI

Anytime Credit

Use ePayLater on a wider set of ever-growing merchants.

Get exciting cashbacks with ePayLater UPI

Unbelievable Cashbacks

Avail exciting cashbacks on purchases using ePayLater UPI.

Earn rewards on ePayLater transactions

Rewards Program

Earn reward points on ePayLater UPI transactions, redeemable on repayment.

How Does it Work?

Visit your favorite merchant portal, add products to your cart and checkout as usual

Select UPI as the payment method and enter your ePayLater UPI handle

Click on the notification received on your ePayLater app and approve the payment request

Your payment is done! Enjoy interest-free credit for 14 days and avail exciting cashbacks too!