Empower your business with ePayLater Digital Shop

Single app that manages both sales and purchases for your business!

Download the app and activate your account to start accepting digital payments

Buy business supplies at wholesale prices and pay later

Apply for digital credit at 0% interest for 14 days

Provide value added services such as utility bill payments

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Instant credit for business requirements

Give your business wings with ePayLater smart credit and use the credit line for business purchases
Super-fast Approvals
Credit line approved in just 2 days through a completely digital process
0% Interest
Repay your dues anytime within 14 days @ 0% interest
Instant Refunds
Credit limit restored instantly in case of returns

Universal QR for accepting payments

Create your own ePayLater QR code and start accepting payments from any UPI app. Build a smart business with complete store digitization.
No KYC required
Accept money from any payments app
0% Transaction Fee
Easily track monthly & daily sales

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India is going cashless. Yes, it is slow, and for a cash-driven society like ours, there is an inherent resistance to going completely cashless. However, things are changing and for the better. When even the local ‘paan-wala’ in his little corner standee displays a sign that says it accepts payment through a digital wallet, its time for businesses to rethink their payment strategy. What started as a revolution in the Indian e-commerce story, Cash On Delivery or COD is going to die a slow death or evolve into something that’s truly unique, just like the Indian consumer.

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ePayLater किस तरह से फाइनैंशल इन्क्लूज़न का समर्थन कर रहा है

130 करोड़ से अधिक आबादी में से 10% से कम भारतीयों के पास फॉर्मल क्रेडिट की पहुंच है। यह विशाल वर्ग आज भी किसी प्रकार की बैंकिंग या क्रेडिट सेवा का लाभ नहीं उठा पा रहा है। अधिकांश के पास कोई क्रेडिट इतिहास नहीं है। पारंपरिक बैंकिंग जो कि लोन की मंजूरी देने के लिए मुख्य रूप से क्रेडिट इतिहास पर निर्भर करती है, इस वर्ग को लोन नहीं दे पाती।

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