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About ePayLater

  1. What is ePayLater?

    ePayLater is a Buy Now Pay Later payment option which lets you make multiple purchases, and pay for all of them in one go at a later date. You get a 14-day interest-free period from the date of order to settle your bills with us.

  2. What are the benefits of using ePayLater?

    1. ePayLater offers the simplest possible checkout experience in existence today. As you are not required to enter your 16-digit card number or log in to your bank account or for that matter even refill your wallet, you can conclude your transaction with just a tap!
    2. You get 14 days of an interest-free period to settle your dues!
    3. We eliminate the dependencies on any third party payment service providers such as payment gateways, banks etc. at the point of transaction, thereby providing an unmatched transaction success rate and security.
    4. ePayLater not only provides the benefits of COD, such as a seamless checkout experience and a pay after delivery option but also goes beyond by doing away with the hassles associated with handling cash. You are no longer needed to struggle to find change or worry about your order not getting delivered when you are not around to make the payment.
    5. On timely repayment, you get to choose from a list of tempting discount vouchers, which you can use for other purchases!
  3. How do I sign up on ePayLater?

    You can sign up on ePayLater in 5 easy steps:

    1. Click on 'Sign me up' on the home page.
    2. Enter your Mobile number and Email Id.
    3. Enter the OTPs received on your Mobile Number and Email Id.
    4. Provide us with at least one Government ID (Aadhar/PAN card).

    You can now use your spending limit to shop with any of our partner merchants. Click here to Sign up. For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to sign up click here.

  4. How can I contact ePayLater?

    You can contact us at

  5. Is ePayLater safe to use?

    Yes, ePayLater is completely safe to use. Since you are not required to login to your bank account and enter your card number every time you make a transaction, you are safeguarded from phishing and account hacking. Additionally, we send an OTP to your registered mobile number for every transaction. Only once you submit the OTP, the transaction is concluded. As an additional layer of security, we recommend that you download the ePayLater mobile app, which will give you a real-time view of all the transactions done using ePayLater.

Buying With ePayLater

  1. How does ePayLater work?

    ePayLater is extremely easy to use. Once a credit limit is sanctioned against your account, you can start using ePayLater with our partner merchants. Add items to your cart, go to checkout, choose ePayLater amongst the payment options, enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number and that is it, the transaction is done!

  2. Where all can I use ePayLater?

    You can use ePayLater across any of our partner merchant portals including IRCTC, PVR, Box8, Travelyaari, Mojo Pizza, Telebrands, Croma, eVoucher India, Ticketnew, Sports Uncle, Oyefood, Foodzap, MadBananas to name a few. The list is expected to grow bigger in the coming days. Stay tuned for updates on this.

    You can also use ePayLater to transact on merchants that accept UPI. Currently, ePayLater UPI can be used on 1mg, Amazon, Cleartrip, Clovia, Coolwinks, FirstCry, Flipkart, Freshmenu, Goibibo, Grofers, Healthkart, Jabong, MakeMyTrip, Myntra, Pharmeasy, Ticketgoose, Treebo, Uber and Urbanladder. In case you want to use ePayLater UPI you can join the waiting list by filling a small form here.

  3. I do not see ePayLater on the payment page. What should I do?

    There can be multiple reasons due to which you do not see ePayLater at checkout:

    1. Not using the email id and mobile number registered with ePayLater. Ensure that you are using the same mobile number and email id, with which you created your ePayLater account;
    2. Order Value is above your available spending limit;
    3. You have not made payment for other ePayLater transaction and the due date has passed; or
    4. In case none of the above is true, contact us at
  4. I did not receive the OTP on my registered mobile. What should I do?

    We rely on multiple network providers for this and they keep facing issues from time to time. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. For quicker OTP's we have also started sending the OTP to your registered email address. So, in case there is a delay due to the mobile service provider, you can use your email OTP to proceed with the transaction. We request you to give it another go.

  5. Why did I get an error message 'not eligible' while attempting a transaction through ePayLater?

    There could be multiple reasons for this. However, one of the probable reasons for this error message is when your transaction amount is higher than your spending limit. Try transacting for a lower amount instead.

    To be eligible for higher spending limits you just need to keep transacting using ePayLater and make your payments on time, and we will ensure that your ePayLater spending limit is adequately increased.

Payments to ePayLater

  1. How can I make the payment for the goods/services purchased?

    You will receive an intimation of the amount to be paid and the payment due date by email and SMS on the registered email id and mobile number. You can make a payment by clicking on the payment link provided therein. We also send regular payment reminders, which also have the payment link.

    Alternatively, you can also pay using the ePayLater app which will list all your pending dues.

  2. When do I settle my payments?

    You can settle your dues anytime within 14 days from the date of order.

  3. What are the payment options using which I can make a payment to ePayLater?

    You can make a payment using net banking, debit card, credit card or through a bank transfer (NEFT/IMPS), Mobile Wallets (Freecharge, Ola Money, Mobikwik, Jio Money etc.). We currently do not support the settlement of dues by cash.

  4. What should I do if my repayment to ePayLater fails?

    In case the amount is deducted from your account it will be auto-reversed by your bank in the same account within 5-7 working days depending on your bank. You can get in touch with your issuing bank for reversal of this amount. We suggest that you make the payment to us using an alternate mode of payment.

  5. Is there a late payment fee?

    Yes, failure to make a payment within 14 days will entail levying of a penal interest at the rate of 3% per month for the days that the amount stays overdue on a pro-rata basis.

  6. Are there any hidden charges that I should be aware of?

    None at all. We believe in transparency and convenience. There are absolutely no hidden charges.

  7. Why should I pay back on time?

    Firstly, as you build your record of prompt repayments your spending limit with ePayLater will keep increasing. Secondly, timely repayments also help you build a strong credit profile which will help you avail financial products from banks, lenders and other financial institutions at favorable terms.

  8. What happens if someone doesn't pay back?

    We understand that it is human to miss payment deadlines and overlook reminders. Hence, we give our customers the leeway of a few more days beyond the due date to make the payment. However, the customer will be charged a late payment fee for such period. Users are notified multiple times via email, SMS and phone calls before the due date and periodically thereafter. However, in the remote case of non-payment, the user's ePayLater account is deactivated. Just like an electricity bill or any utility bill, any amount payable to ePayLater is legally enforceable.

    Further, ePayLater, acting through its partner financial institutions, holds the right to report all such cases to credit bureaus including CIBIL which may impact your credit rating and hence your ability to access financial products, including any kind of loans, in the future.

Orders & Refunds

  1. How do I cancel a transaction or claim a refund?

    Please contact the merchant directly to raise cancellation/return/refund request. Once your cancellation/return/refund request has been accepted by the merchant, we will be notified of the same by the merchant. If you are yet to make a payment to ePayLater for that transaction, we will adjust your payment due as per the refund amount processed by the merchant. In such a case, you would be liable to pay ePayLater only for the amount outstanding against the transaction. However, in case you have already made the payment to ePayLater for the transaction, you will receive the refund amount into the instrument used for making the payment to ePayLater.

  2. Do I need to pay ePayLater in case I cancel the transaction?

    You continue to be liable to make the payment to ePayLater till such time that we receive a refund request from the merchant. In case you are approaching a payment due date and your refund is yet to be processed we recommend that you make the payment to ePayLater for the amount due to avoid any late payment/penal interest. Once we receive the refund intimation from the merchant we will process the refund into the instrument used for making the payment to ePayLater.

  3. I cancelled my order, but I am still receiving payment reminders?

    This may happen in remote cases, wherein the merchant has not notified us of the cancellation. This rarely happens. However, do let us know if such a thing happens. We will coordinate with the merchant and get it resolved.

  4. How do I return and get a refund for my purchase?

    In case you are yet to make payment to ePayLater and your refund request has been accepted by the merchant, you need not do anything. However, if you have made the payment to ePayLater, you will receive the refund amount into the instrument used for making the payment to ePayLater.

  5. I purchased items using ePayLater. How should I cancel/return the products?

    As with any other payment option, you need to raise the return and cancellation request with the merchant itself. ePayLater does not have any role to play in your request being accepted or not by the merchant.

  6. The merchant has accepted my return request. How much time would it take to get the refund?

    We initiate the refund as soon as we are notified of the acceptance of the request. It generally takes 8-10 days for the refund to be credited back into the instrument used for making the payment to ePayLater.

  7. I have cleared all my dues, but I still cannot use ePayLater?

    There can be multiple reasons due to which you can not use ePayLater.

    1. Ensure that you use the same email id/mobile number which is registered with your ePayLater account.
    2. Ensure that the order value is within the available spending limit.
    3. If none of the above is true, please contact us at
  8. Will you send me billing reminders?

    Yes, we periodically send payment reminders to your registered email id/mobile number till the time you make the payment.

  9. What if I need more time to pay my bill?

    We strongly recommend that you settle the payment before the due date. Late payment will attract a penal interest at the rate of 3% per month on a pro rata basis.

  10. I do not agree with the amount on the bill. What should I do?

    Please write to us at

ePayLater UPI

  1. Can I pay to any merchant which accepts UPI?

    We are working hard to ensure that you can use ePayLater UPI with more and more merchants. As of now, ePayLater UPI can be used only on selected partner merchants. You can use ePayLater UPI to transact on 1mg, Amazon, Cleartrip, Clovia, Coolwinks, FirstCry, Flipkart, Freshmenu, Goibibo, Grofers, Healthkart, Jabong, MakeMyTrip, Myntra, Pharmeasy, Ticketgoose, Treebo, Uber and Urbanladder.

  2. Can I transfer money to my friend using ePayLater UPI?

    No, peer to peer transaction is not allowed through ePayLater UPI.

  3. I initiated a request on the merchant portal, but I did not receive a request in the ePayLater app?

    Ideally, this should not happen, we would suggest you retry, in case you are facing this issue multiple time please write to along with merchant name from where you were initiating the request.

  4. I don't see UPI option on the ePayLater mobile app?

    ePayLater UPI is for selected customers only. In case you want to use ePayLater UPI you can join the waiting list by filling a small form here.

  5. I did not do this UPI transaction?

    You should immediately call and mail our support team at 18002000595, 7045991744/

  6. I initiated a refund on the merchant portal, but it is not reflected in my account?

    Refund usually takes 2-3 working days to reflect in your account post initiation by the merchant. If you do not receive refund within 2-3 working days, you should call or mail our support team at 18002000595,7045991744 /

  7. Why am I am not able to create ePayLater UPI handle?

    Creating ePayLater UPI is very simple, you can watch this small video to understand how to set up UPI handle in ePayLater.

My Account

  1. What do I need to do to use ePayLater?

    To be able to use ePayLater, you first need to complete the sign-up process. Keep your PAN and Aadhaar handy! Apart from PAN and Aadhaar, we ask for certain basic details which you should be able to fill in a couple of minutes. On the basis of the information provided, we assign a spending limit, which can be used immediately after completing the sign up. The application is completely digital and sanctioning happens instantaneously. Click here to Sign-Up

  2. How much time does it require to complete the sign up?

    If you have your PAN and Aadhaar handy, then it should not take more than 4 minutes to complete the sign-up. Of course, a lot depends on your typing speed. :-)

  3. When and how would I get to know whether my application has been accepted or not?

    As soon as you complete the sign up, you would be notified whether your application has been accepted or not. If it is accepted, you will also be notified about the spending limit assigned to your account.

  4. Is there any processing fee charged on creating an ePayLater account?

    No, there is no processing fee.

  5. Why am I not eligible to use ePayLater?

    We check customer eligibility based on near zero or very limited data provided directly by the user in order to make the customer on-boarding process as frictionless as possible. Hence, there is a possibility that you may not be eligible for ePayLater even though you may have a good credit profile due to the limited information we have on you. In such a case, we encourage you to drop in a line at We promise to look into your case more specifically and guide you on the steps required to become eligible.

  6. How is my eligibility and spending limit determined?

    Your eligibility and spending limit is determined on the basis of various parameters including your buying behavior on the merchant, your transaction history with ePayLater etc. We at ePayLater strive to allow access to our services to as many customers as possible but may not be able to do so in some cases due to various reasons including limited availability of qualifying data.

    However, we are young and learning and our models are continuously evolving. What this means is, while we may not be able to approve you today there are chances that we may automatically do so in the future. In such a case you will hear back from us. In case you are still interested in registering with us or having your spending limit increased, we encourage you to drop in a line at We promise to look into your case more specifically and guide you on the steps required.

  7. How can I increase my spending limit?

    To be eligible for higher spending limits you just need to keep transacting using ePayLater and repaying on time. As you build your record of quick and consistent repayments, your credit limit with ePayLater will keep increasing. For more information please drop in a line at and our support team will assist you through the process.

  8. How should I review my ePayLater account and purchases?

    You may login to your ePayLater account using your registered mobile number and review your past transactions.

  9. How do I close my account?

    In case you wish to discontinue using our services, ensure that you have cleared all your dues. Drop in a mail at once you have cleared your dues. We will check for any dues and close your account if no dues exist. Please note that we will be required to retain certain data due to our compliance requirements.

  10. How should I change my registered email id/mobile number?

    Unfortunately, we do not allow change of registered mobile numbers/email address due to security reasons. However, we know how much important this feature is and are close to launching it. For any further assistance please write to us at

  11. Where can I find ePayLater's privacy policy?

    Check our Privacy Policy

  12. What are the Terms & Conditions of using ePayLater?

    Check Terms & Conditions

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